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As the city's skies turn into a canvas of grey, there's a place where warmth and cheer never fade.

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Once upon a time, in a sleepy corner of our vibrant city, we dreamt of a gathering place where stories would flow as freely as the wine. Today, that dream comes to life as alle Bollicine – a homage to the soul-stirring effervescence of life itself, to those tiny bubbles that dance and sparkle, turning any moment into a celebration.

Just as bubbles rise to the top in a glass of the finest Prosecco, alle Bollicine embodies the spirit of ascension – of great conversations, unforgettable moments, and the joy of being together. As the newest destination in town, we promise an enchanting journey through the vineyards of the world, with a special place in our hearts for the tantalizing tastes of Italy.

Image of dining table - Alle Bollicine, Charlie Town.
In Italian, ‘alle Bollicine' translates to ‘to the bubbles', a phrase intimately connected with the effervescence and lively spirit of sparkling wine, symbolizing joy, celebration, and the cheer of good company.
This charming phrase captures the essence of what we aim to deliver in our wine bar – a space where friendships bubble up, stories effervesce, and happiness sparkles.

Our selection boasts carefully curated wines, chosen not only for their exquisite taste, but for the stories they tell, the places they take you, the memories they create. Each bottle at alle Bollicine is a world of its own, a bottled poetry waiting to be uncorked, to transport you to the sun-dappled vineyards of Tuscany, the rolling hills of Champagne, or the bold vistas of Napa Valley.

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Just as these bubbles rise to the occasion, at alle Bollicine, we aspire to elevate your every moment – whether it's a quiet night with a glass of wine, a lively gathering with friends, or a celebration of life's big moments.

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Str. Republicii nr.7, Cluj-Napoca

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